8:46 Anti-Racism Education Summer Series

For this week's episode of "8:46", we'll be joined by Oja Vincent of the Forced Trajectory Project who will lead a discussion on Abolition, Reparations, and parallels between the Haitian
Revolution and the continuous fight for freedom for Black people in America. Oja Vincent is a producer, DJ, educator, and activist whose life work is to create, connect and be part of the global movement to build community through sound-based story-telling, production, performance, and logical construction while dynamically passing the tradition onto the next generation.

The murder of George Floyd has opened people’s eyes, minds, and hearts to the violence that Black people have endured in this country for centuries. We have similar police murders that have taken the lives of Byron Williams, Tashii Brown Farmer, and Sharmel Edwards right in our own backyard. We know that so many of you want to embody what it means to be an Anti-Racism Advocate but have no idea what that entails nor where to start. While nothing will undo the 400 years and counting of state-sanctioned violence that this country has perpetrated against Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC), we are here to offer education because when you know better, you do better.

Past Events in the Series:

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